secret portraits

Now that we're thawed out, we were lucky enough to make friends with a class of illustration students from UCA who are drawing portraits based on your tweets. Want your own Twitter secret portrait?

  1. Describe yourself in a tweet – and don’t forget the #secretportraits hashtag
  2. If your tweet intrigues us, our illustrators will dive into your Twitter profile to find out more about you
  3. They’ll draw a secret portrait based on what they read in your Twitter feed
  4. When it’s ready, we’ll send the portrait to you and post it up on The Feed

send your tweet

  • 29 November 2010
  • secret portraits

secret portraits gallery

  • 03 December 2010
  • secret portraits

behind the easel with our illustrators

  • 13 December 2010
  • secret portraits

pencils down

We had a brilliant time watching your tweets be transformed and we wanted to say thank you to every single tweeter who got involved. Sorry to those who didn’t get a chance to have a portrait made – we tried to get through as many as we could.

We’ve got lots of new fun things coming up on The Feed, so make sure you  stay in the loop.

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